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Adam Rosenfield

Brand Content Writer and Marketer

Brand content writer and marketer focused on creating compelling marketing messages and stories for individuals, organizations, and companies that will make your readers think, reflect, and act.

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Analyzing Olympic Basketball Stats

Took advanced NBA statistics from the 2015-2016 season and turned it into an interesting Olympics-related comparison.

Leprechaun Cider Case Study

Wrote a case study for Brand Besties on how they were able to increase the brand exposure

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Austinite Ruben Cantu Is Unlike Anyone You've Ever Met

I interviewed Ruben Cantu, a native Austinite who is doing great social good projects around the world.

Press Release for Ivy Kids

I wrote a press release on the upcoming Franchise Expo in Dallas

Chili's Dishes On How They Create A Great Place To Work For ...

Created an engaging post after HotSchedules put on a webinar with Chili's on creating better employee culture.

The Jewish Daily Forward

The Case for Gary Johnson

Example of my editorial chops and political writing

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Pflugerville Mosque's Response To Vandal? 'When Anger Arrives, Wisdom Leaves'

While the Pflugerville Mosque vandalism was a national story, I took a different angle- I sought to learn more about Austin's Islamic community in this candid conversation with the mosque's media spokesman.

BaseCamp Brings Austin Bar Flair To Sports Fans

Example of my food writing experience

Using Advanced Statistics in the WNBA

Wrote a post for Krossover utilizing a new tool the WNBA rolled out to enhance our basketball statistics offering

The Ivy Kids Childcare Difference

Through interviewing partners in the childcare center, I created a story on how Ivy Kids differs itself.

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WNBA Legend Tina Thompson Is Spurring Texas Women's ...

Got the opportunity to interview WNBA legend and current University of Texas Women's Basketball assistant coach Tina Thompson

How to Prevent the Summer Slide With Your Children

Wrote piece about how parents can help prevent the summer slide in their children

How The Gig Economy Is Revolutionizing Restaurant Training ...

Wrote on what restaurants can do to stay competitive with gig-based companies

7 Simple Cost Saving Tips For Bar Inventory Management From ...

How bars can save money through proper inventory management

The Rise of Analytics in Football- Krossover

Researched on how analytics has grown to play a big role in football