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Adam Rosenfield

Brand Content Writer and Marketer

Brand content writer and marketer focused on creating compelling marketing messages and stories for individuals, organizations, and companies that will make your readers think, reflect, and act.

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Analyzing Olympic Basketball Stats

Took advanced NBA statistics from the 2015-2016 season and turned it into an interesting Olympics-related comparison.

Using Advanced Statistics in the WNBA

Wrote a post for Krossover utilizing a new tool the WNBA rolled out to enhance our basketball statistics offering

The Rise of Analytics in Football- Krossover

Researched on how analytics has grown to play a big role in football

How Football Coaches Have Used Technology as an Advantage

Wrote some examples on how football coaches have used tech to their advantage

Tivyfb1hutchwhite article

Summer Tips for Football Coaches | Krossover

Blog post I wrote for high school football coaches on how to plan for summer training

3yct sb1friars article

5 Ways to Leave a Coaching Legacy in Basketball | Krossover

How basketball coaches can make a lifelong imprint on their athletes.

03 02 15 1 article article

#SportsInnovators: Brian Macdonald

I interviewed Florida Panthers Director of Hockey Analytics Brian MacDonald.

Stats and trends in volleyball article article

Volleyball Coaching Trends

I interviewed Alan Reifman, a professor who is well-respected in the analytics community for his blog Volley Metrics

Playbook article article

#SportsInnovators: Kevin Pelton

I interviewed ESPN's Kevin Pelton on basketball analytics.

03 02 15 2 article article

Clarkson Volleyball Coach Johan Dulfer Interview

I profiled Clarkson Volleyball Coach Johan Dulfer on his approaches to coaching and analytics

1 article article

#SportsInnovators: David Pick

I interviewed David Pick, Euroleague basketball sportwriter, on analytics developments in the European game.

Innovation and the nba article

Innovations for the New NBA Season

I wrote on the technology innovations happening in the NBA for the 2014-2015 season.

Basketball passport article article article

Basketball Passport

I had fun conversation with Peter Robert Casey, founder of Basketball Passport, Baseball Passport, and Football Passport on the intersection of sports and technology

The evolution of film study article article


I looked into how film study in football has evolved from its early days