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Adam Rosenfield

Brand Content Writer and Marketer

Brand content writer and marketer focused on creating compelling marketing messages and stories for individuals, organizations, and companies that will make your readers think, reflect, and act.

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Chili's Dishes On How They Create A Great Place To Work For ...

Created an engaging post after HotSchedules put on a webinar with Chili's on creating better employee culture.

How The Gig Economy Is Revolutionizing Restaurant Training ...

Wrote on what restaurants can do to stay competitive with gig-based companies

7 Simple Cost Saving Tips For Bar Inventory Management From ...

How bars can save money through proper inventory management

6 Ways To Prevent An EEOC Lawsuit In Your Restaurant ...

6 Ways To Prevent An EEOC Lawsuit In Your Restauran...

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Winning The War For Talent With A Great Referral Program : Blog ...

An interview with restaurant consultant Donald Burns as part of HotSchedules "War For Talent" Campaign

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How To Retain Your Skilled Seasonal Hires : Blog : HotSchedules

A second blog for HotSchedules focusing on retaining talent after the holidays

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Already Employed? Time To Get Your Friends In The Industry : Blog ...

One of my blogs focusing on social recruiting for HotSchedules, a restaurant management software company